"Active Warm-Up Guide: Pickleball Edition" Video Series


It’s time to get fit and active! But before that, let’s get your body ready with some warm-ups!

Join Julie Rusco and Rick Barry in warming up for a game of Pickleball! Our Egg Weights’ Active Warm-Up: Pickleball Edition Video Series contains 12 warm-up exercises that can get your body ready for your next activity.

Get in shape, feel great, and have fun while you prepare your core, legs, and arms for sports, exercise, and more!


  • Accessible and Downloadable: By buying this product, you’ll gain access to several workout videos and download them for offline use.
  • Active Workout Routines: Includes exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home efficiently and effectively.
  • Detailed and Easy-to-Follow Videos: Each workout video includes simple verbal and visual instructions on achieving specific movements.
  • Easy and Fast Delivery: You’ll receive access to the video series via email IMMEDIATELY after checkout.



Product Details:

  • Content: 12 Workout Series
  • Type: Unlockable Content


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