Roller Ball Massage

The Best Boxing Recovery Tool

Designed for Shoulders, Back, Forearms, Hands, and Feet

3-in-1 Myofascial Release System

  • Detachable Roller Ball For Cold Therapy (freeze for 1 hour)

  • Pin Point Massage

  • Fascia Scraper

Boxing • Running • Sports Massage • Muscle Release • Physical Therapy • Cold Massage • Myofascial Release • Break Up Scar Tissue 

This innovative heavy weight stainless steel ball and handle has incredible muscular and fascia release ability. Great for full body and face use.

Detaches from handle in seconds for placing ball in freezer and keeping the handle room temperature.

Retains cold temperature for 30 minutes!

(much better than a frozen ice cup, which is recommended by most sports medicine professionals)