Strong Grip - Premium Rotating Cable Attachment

Strong Grip- Premium Rotating Cable Attachment

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  • NEW DOUBLE Rope Strap Cable Attachment (to use with Strong Grips Set or other Torque Sets) 

  • FREE Tote - Easily Carry & Store Your Grips 

  • FREE E-Book Workout Guide Special Edition for Strong Grip 

The only 360° Premium Cable Grip Attachment.  Add this Stainless Steel Rotating Head to any cable or pulley machine.  Perfect for Fluid Motion, Fast & Easy Transitions for your Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps, and More! Lifetime Guarantee on structure and rotation. 700 Pound Tested Swivel Eye Hookup.

  • Ideal For Isolation Exercises: Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders, and Back
  • MUST HAVE for Personal Trainers and Home-Gym Enthusiasts! 
  • Perfect Present for Any Gym or Fitness Lover!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Merritt
Cable attachment

Can't beat the construction. Works the grip and gives you a unique pump. Love my set!

Nitin Makasare
I give 5 and I was showing to some trainers it is working on my shoulders

It is a excellent product I am happy thank you i

Chris Rangel
Superior products from start to finish!

I have purchased all the professional eggweights and the cable attachments! Absolutely the best products you can get your hands on! The attachments are fairly priced and by far one of my most esteemed tools for training!