Shadow Boxing Bundle


The Shadow Boxing Bundle contains pairs of 2.0 lb Cardio Egg Weights, 3.0 lb Cardio Max Egg Weights, 4.0 lb Knockout Egg Weights, and 5.0 lb Knockout Max Egg Weights.

This bundle has everything an intense shadow boxer needs, especially when you need to focus more on endurance, agility, or strength!

The bundle also includes a FREE Egg Weights Zip-Up Carrying Case to carry all these Egg Weights together.


• Shadow Boxing Bundle: This bundle includes Cardio, Cardio Max, Knockout, and Knockout Max Egg Weights. Zip-up carrying case included.
• Heightened Shadow Boxing Training: As you reach your goals, your body will demand more intense workouts. You can shift from a pair of 2.5 lb Knockout Max Egg Weights to 2.0 lb Knockout Egg Weights and make it all the way to 1.0 lb Cardio Egg Weights to improve your speed and agility. You can also do this the other way around to enhance your power and strength.
• Palm Centered Ergonomics: These Egg Weight pairs are perfect for a full-blown Power and Speed workout, promoting efficient natural movement without twisting joints, wrists, and shoulders.
• High Density Metals: Its ultra-dense metal component is 3x denser than traditional hand weights. A single Knockout Max Egg Weight is the same weight as 23 eggs, one Knockout Egg Weight is the same weight as 18 eggs, One Cardio Max Egg Weight would be 14 eggs, and one Cardio Egg Weight would have the same weight as 9 eggs.
• High Traction Grip: Our patented grip and loop design will lock the weight right to the center of your palm.
• Portable: Bring your Egg Weight anywhere you go. You can even put it in your pocket or bag.
• Proven and Trusted Quality: Scientifically proven to enhance your workout regime and made with high-quality materials.


Specifics Cardio Cardio Max Knockout Knockout max
Dimension 2.5 x 3 x 2 inches 2.25 x 3.25 x 2 inches 2.25 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches 3.5 x 2.875 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.0 lbs (1 lb each) 3.0 lbs (1.5 lbs each) 4.0 lbs (2.0 lbs each) 5.0 lbs (2.5 lbs each)
Material Composite Metal Alloy Stainless Steel Bismuth Bismuth


Product Contains 4 Pairs of Egg Weights:
 • Cardio
 • Cardio Max
 • Knockout
 • Knockout Max

 • 1-year Guarantee For Textured Grips
 • Lifetime Warranty On High Density Metal
 • 30-day "We Know You Will Love These" Guarantee