4.0lb Knockout Plus

4.0lb Knockout Plus

The Most Popular Egg Weight Just Got Better!


  • 2lb Egg Weight Core Set

  • Collars to Create an Adjustable Dumbbell 

  • Swivels and Straps

This set comes with 2 x 2.0lb Cores and a Gym Tote 

*Gym Tote Included (not pictured)

Turn Your Weights into Cable Attachments! 

  • Each core is 2.0lb each and GRIPPED. No more STRESS! Relieve your muscles from strain with these unique gripped weights. 
  • Add collars & amp up any exercise to make the workout unique to YOU! You will receive 4 of each collar.  
  • Have an adjustable dumbbell set with added collars, it allows a unique training system that ranges from 2.0 to 5 lbs each hand. You can use the center core, 2.0 lb, as an Egg Weight and add one of the single weighed collars 2.75 lb, 3.00 lb, 3.50 lb, 4.25 lb, 4.50 lb, and 5.0 lb, to the center core to create torque training during high-intensity sports-specific movements or add both end collars to make a complete dumbbell set.
  • Add Straps with 360° Swivel Hooks to Create your OWN CABLE MACHINE AT HOME. 


-Turn Your Weights into Handles-

With these you can do hammer curls, extensions, pullbacks, pushdowns, and MORE! 





Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lucas buckman
Beginner but trying

I love these weights I just started getting into The actual discipline of boxing about 2 years ago and I have a long way to go. These weights have made my shadow boxing so much harder and definitely have improved my speed without them. Also the ability to keep my hands up. They aren’t magic you need to practice good form but I have noticed an increase in my jabs power. Love them and will continue to use

Audrey Eisen
These are GREAT

I had the 3 lbs weight set (1.5 each) and the resistance during my classes started feeling easy so I upgraded to these knockout weight with the additional screw in barbells to add more weigh when I'm ready. I love the compactness of egg weights, they don't slip, and I feel like a good workout! I SUPPORT THIS BRAND AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT

Igor Ganapolsky
Excellent product

Truly convenient to hold in my hand and shadow box while I'm running. And I plan to add more weight to my units once I get stronger.