Sport Training

Egg Weights have a unique finger loop grip that easily secures the weight to the hand with ease, comfort, and confidence of movement. From warming up, to agility training, to sport plyometric movements, Egg Weights™ are specifically designed to flow with the body’s natural motion creating free functional movement with increased intensity. 


Bryan Wesley Williams Pro Track/Field Sprinter (100/200)




Egg Weights conform to your body’s natural motion during sports training and increase the intensity of your workouts by strengthening your entire body with every drill.

Egg Weights can enhance flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle mass, and make you a stronger athlete overall with these specialized bundles.

Sports Bundle One - Free Shipping

Balance and Technique Development

Increase your flexibility, endurance, and sport techniques with these two light weight intensity sets . They are specifically designed for high intensity movements of sports drills.

Sports Bundle Two - Free Shipping

Power and Strength

Build power and increase your strength with these two medium weight intensity sets. They are engineered for lean muscle mass development with every drill or workout.

Sports Bundle Three - Free Shipping

Functional and Cross Training

Round out your sports training with these two heavy weight intensity sets for increased balance, form, and core engagement.


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