Force Flex Pro

Free Travel Bag

Adjustable Torque Generating Dumbbell Set Plus Torque Cable/Band Attachment Hooks And Connecting Bar

2.0 – 5.0 Pounds Each Weight

(2.0, 2.75, 3.00, 3.50, 4.25, 4.50, and 5.0)


Complete Adjustable Dumbbell System Forged In Stainless Steel

Maximize Your Training With The Most Adjustable Light Hand Weight In The World

  • Isolate Muscle Groups
  • Intensify Core Engagement
  • Positive and Negative Torque Force
  • Small And Compact System
  • Eliminate Single Use Weights


Torque Cable System

Create Torque Generating Exercises

Isolate and Target Specific Muscle Groups

Generate Right of Center, Left of Center, and Center Mass Torque

Intensify Muscular Activation and Core Stability

Increase Cable Tension Weight from 10-700 Pounds

Strengthen Sports Movements and Kinetic Chain


Connecting Bar System

Unlock Unlimited Exercises And Torque Generating Force Training

Up To Four Directional Torque Force Intensity Per Exercise

Isolate Muscle Groups Across Positive and Negative Motion

  • Bicep Bar
  • Lat Bar
  • Squat Bar
  • Triceps Bar
  • Torque Handles
  • Weighted Mace
  • Chess Press
  • Balance Bar
  • And Much More…