Ultimate Fighter Bundle

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This kit has everything that you need to take your conditioning to the next level, even when you are on the go. Shadowbox for 3 minutes with a pair of Egg Weights and you will know exactly why champions like Canelo Alvarez and Francis Ngannou swear by them.

Train with these and you will leave your opponents on their back. 

Included in Ultimate Fighter Bundle: 

3 Pairs of Egg Weights

  • 1.0 "Flats" (0.5 lb. each)
  • 3.0 "Cardio Max" (1.5 lb. each)
  • 4.0 "Knockout" (2.0 lb. each)

2 Pairs of Running Pods 

  • 2.0 Running Pods (1.0 lb. each)
  • "The Mercury" Running Pods (1.75 lb. each)


We are throwing in a FREE zip-up carrying case, so you can easily take your Egg Weights with you when you're on the go! 

The Breakdown:

In this bundle, you have a range of Egg Weights and Running Pods that will fit in perfectly with every training session.

The "Flats" are dense as hell (made from Bismuth metal) and fit neatly in your hand - they are small enough to fit inside of your boxing gloves, while you are sparring. 

The "Cardio Max" and "Knockout" Egg Weights will have your shoulders burning and have you gasping for air with every strike.

You also get two pairs of Running Pods. I know you probably hate running, and... you are going to hate it quite a bit more, once you start training with these. BUT, the running pods will turn you from a wheezy jogger, into an endurance animal.

The "2.0 Running Pods" are good for making easy days into hard days and "The Mercury" Running Pods will have your deltoids burning with every stride. 

At the end of the day, this is a small price to pay for the animal that this type of training will turn you into. 

Once you start training with Egg Weights, you are going to leave your opponents flat on their back, wondering what just hit them. 

Make them afraid to enter the ring with you.