5.0 lb Set "Jaw Breaker" Adjustable Dumbbells


Each set includes two 2.0 lb Cores with four 1.5 lb Removable Collar (5.0 lb Each Dumbbell)

The Jaw Breaker allows a unique training system that ranges from 2.0 to 5.0 lbs each hand. You can use the center core, 2.0 lb, as an Egg Weight, add a single weighed collar, 1.5 lb, to the center core to assemble your torque training weights for high-intensity movements, or add both end collars to make a complete mini-dumbbell set.

Weights made of stainless steel, these sets are guaranteed to last for a lifetime. This compact weight training system limits obstruction and increases functional fluid motion, unlike a traditional cast iron bulky dumbbell (30% smaller than a cast iron dumbbell).


• Palm Centered Ergonomics: Jaw Breaker Egg Weights come in pairs, weighing 10 lbs in total (Each Egg Weight is 5.0 lb in each hand; having two 1.50 lbs end collars and one 2.0 lb center-weight). This Egg Weight pair is perfect for high-intensity training, promoting efficient natural movement without twisting joints, wrists, and shoulders.
• Fully Adjustable: Ends of the Egg Weight are removable and re-attachable, adding a higher intensity to your workout when needed.
• Ultradense: Its ultra-dense metal component is 3x denser than traditional hand weights. A pair of Jaw Breaker Weights is the same weight as 90 eggs.
 Anti-slip Fingerloop: Take the pressure off your hands while training. Our patented grip & loop design will lock the weight right in the center of your palm.
• Portable: Pocket-friendly size is perfect for fitness enthusiast while training at home, on vacation, or anywhere in between!
• Proven and Trusted Quality: Made in USA🇺🇸 with 100% Recycled Non-Toxic Metal.


Product Details:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
 • Weight: 5.0 lb per dumbbell 
 • Package Contains: 1 pair of Jawbreaker Dumbbells
 • For Personalization, email us the details at cori@eggweights.com.

 • 1-year Guarantee For Textured Grips
 • Lifetime Warranty On High-Density Metal
 • 30-day "We Know You Will Love These" Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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James Byers
Good product

I'm a 54yr old trucker so working out can be difficult sometimes, I've started using these as hand weights as I jog and walk, as well as shadow boxing cardio in my truck. They work well for me and take up very little of my limited space.