Mixed Martial Arts with Egg Weights

Egg Weights are a MMA striking breakthrough! The palm centered weights are the most balanced, compacted, and ergonomic hand weights in the world. They are specifically designed to flow with any striking form, elbow shot, even more technical set ups and counter punches. Egg Weights are also amazing tools for building endurance and mental toughness.

Egg Weights were tested by some of the top MMA gyms and clubs in the United States including - UFC Performance Institute, Jackson Wink MMA Academy, Wild Card Boxing Club, CSA GYM, KnuckleHeadz MMA Gym, and many other professional and public gyms.


 Who is training with Egg Weights?

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

UFC Hall of Fame - Legendary Striker  

Georges St. Pierre

217 UFC Comeback Fight

Boxing Coach - Freddie Roach

Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez

Jackson Wink Academy
many more amateur and professional fighters around the world!

Egg Weights conform to your body’s natural striking motion and increase the intensity of your workouts by strengthening your entire body with every punch or strike.

Egg Weights can enhance speed and power, shape mental toughness, and make you a stronger fighter overall with these specialized bundles.

MMA Bundle One - Free Shipping

Speed and Endurance

Increase your punching speed and champion round endurance with these two light weight intensity sets . They are specifically designed for pushing your body to its limit.

MMA Bundle Two - Free Shipping

Power and Strength

Build power and increase your strength with these two medium weight intensity sets. They are specifically designed for lean muscle mass development with every round of striking.

MMA Bundle Three - Free Shipping

Functional and Cross Training

Round out your training with these two heavy weight intensity sets specifically designed for balance, form, and core engagement.


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