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The concept is rather simple.  Instead of expanding the size or shape of the weight as it increases in pounds, we use denser and denser metals to keep the size small like an egg.  This is extremely important so you don't restrict natural motion and body flow during exercise or sports training.

Egg Weights are the only hand weights in the World that conform to your body’s natural motion.

Egg Weights are scientifically proven to increase the intensity of any movement from 28% - 62% with less injury and stress to your body. Boost your workouts, burn more calories, and get faster results with Egg Weights.


Made from some of the most rare and dense metals on Earth, these premium egg weights start at 3 lbs each.

Professional-grade egg weights are recommended for the most intense athletes and trainers.

Bundles & Bulk Discounts

Save by purchasing multiple Egg Weights in bulk or as a bundle.

New 3.0 "Track Mini" Set

1.5 lbs each egg

Ergonomic Light Training Weights
Used by US Olympic athletes scientifically designed to help with:

  • Arm Drive
  • Balance and Timing
  • Sprint Speed
  • Stride Length
  • Stride Frequency
  • Lower Arm Carriage
  • Optimal Rhythmic Pattern

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  • "Killer for shadow boxing or cardio"
  • "Great for shadow boxing and MMA workouts"