General Fitness

These powerful running tools don't change your natural running gait as they enhance your running form to its most efficient and economic state. Unlike any other running tool on the market today Egg Weights make the connection between your arms, core and legs while increasing intensity and efficiency.

Increased Performance

Endurance, Power, Speed

Form Development

Forward Lean, Engaged Core, Arm Drive

Light Intensity Training

Strengthens Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers

Increased Calorie Burn

Increase Calories Burned By 2-5 per minute

Increased VO2 Max

Increase Heart Rate 10+ per minute


Egg Weights conform to your body’s natural running motion and increase the intensity of your workouts by strengthening your entire body.

Egg Weights can enhance race speed, shape mental toughness, and make you a stronger runner overall with these specialized bundles.

Bundle One

Distance & Speed

  • 1.5 lb "Go Max" Set
  • 2.0 lb "Cardio" Set

Increase your distance and speed with these two light weight intensity sets specifically designed for running long distances.

Bundle Two

Power & Strength

  • 2.0 lb "Cardio" Set
  • 3.0 lb "Cardio Max" Set

Build power and increase your strength with these two medium weight intensity sets specifically designed for lean muscle mass development.

Bundle Three

Functional & Cross Training

  • 3.0 lb "Cardio Max" Set
  • 4.0 lb "Knockout" Set

Round out your training with these two heavy weight intensity sets specifically designed for balance, form, and core engagement.