Yoga with Egg Weights

This Yoga hybrid workout with Egg Weights is getting big-time buzz.  Combining fast-paced movements with the added resistance and unrestricted movement of Egg Weights gives poses much more muscle-carving and calorie-burning power.

Benefits of Egg Weights

Tone and Shape
Increase Muscle Awareness
Boost Lean Muscle Development
Increase Calorie Burn
Increase Flexibility
Boost Metabolism
Core Engagement
Complete Body Workout
Increased Focus on Movement and Technique

Egg Weights conform to your body’s natural yoga motion and increase the intensity of your workouts by strengthening your entire body with every pose.

Egg Weights can enhance flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle awareness, and make you a better practitioner of yoga with these specialized bundles.

Yoga Bundle One - Free Shipping

Balance and Form Development

Increase your flexibility, endurance, and pose techniques with these two light weight intensity sets . They are specifically designed for the fluid movement of Yoga poses.

Yoga Bundle Two - Free Shipping

Power and Strength

Build power and increase your strength with these two medium weight intensity sets. They are engineered for lean muscle mass development with every pose or transition.

Yoga Bundle Three - Free Shipping

Functional and Cross Training

Round out your yoga practice with these two heavy weight intensity sets for increased balance, form, and core engagement.


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