Egg Weights are a boxing breakthrough! The palm centered weights are the most balanced, compacted, and ergonomic shadow boxing weights in the world.

They are specifically designed to flow with any striking form, and are amazing tools for building endurance, power, speed, and mental toughness. Egg Weights were tested by some of the top boxing gyms and mixed martial arts studios in the United States.

Egg Weights are now the standard for Olympic athletes, professional and public boxing clubs across the USA and Europe.

Egg Weights conform to your body’s natural boxing motion and increase the intensity of your workouts by strengthening your entire body with every punch. Egg Weights can enhance speed and power, shape mental toughness, and make you a stronger boxer overall with these specialized bundles.



Regis "Rougarou" Prograis

Super Lightweight Interim WBC Champion

Mercito "No Mercy" Gesta

Lightweight (35-2-2)

Chris "The Heat" Van Heerden

Welterweight; Former IBO World Champion (25-2-1)

Shane Mosley Jr.

Middleweight (10-2-0)